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Title: It's About Time
Author: Antonio Proenca de Carvalho


This book is about our life during the 80's, before the internet boom and mobile phones. It´s a social portrait of our generation. Intimate, Poetic and moody like a love song. Some really nice photographs whose negatives, for about 30 years, aged beautifully on an attic, on a car trunk and survived a few accidents then almost got forgotten. The simple joys of living.

ISBN 989-20-3986-001-1
Soft-cover, full color offset printed on 150gr munken paper
112pages 57 full bleed color photos
Edition of 300 numbered and signed copies
Price:  :: SOLD OUT


Title: SKEEN

Author: Antonio Proença de Carvalho


The body as landscape… image play mix.

Curvilinear combinations between body and light; the duality that mislead us imagining the mistake that in reality doesn´t exist.



1st Edition of 50

Lisboa 2014


Soft-cover, BW Laser printed on 135gr munken paper
28 pages 14 full bleed BW photos Elastic bound


Price: 10 €

Title: DANZ

Author: Antonio Proença de Carvalho


Danz reveals the passion about dance, the body flexibility.

The body as emotional expression, movement plays that become words.


1st Edition of 150 numbered and signed

Lisboa 2014


Colour Laser printed, on 135gr munken Lynx paper, Soft-cover 300gr
28 pages 4 Colour and 14 BW photos, Hand stitched


Price: 10EUR

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